Change of Plans

Happy New Year Everyone!

I want to update those who don’t know what has gone on in the past month. I’m back at home in NH. It’s hard to even understand all the events that occured to get me back here. Certainly God was at work! I came back from Honduras December 8th, right before that crazy snow storm where 1000s of flights were canceled, just in time to celebrate Christmas with my family.

It all started with some immigration issues that made it necessary for me to return to the US for a short time. Shortly after I found out about this and I was already planning to go home, the election results caused turmoil in the country. In my last blog I was still with Orfa, in the Montana de La Flor and soon after headed over to be with my family in La Guacamaya. After I arrived there, riots broke out like crazy. Roads were blocked, tolls were burned down, a curfew was imposed and it honestly looked like I wasn’t going to be going home for a long time. When we were coming back from the airport after picking up my grandparents, which was the day that things started getting out of control, we were in heavy traffic. There were a bunch of men that were pushing on our bus and screaming. My home church in Loudon NH prayed hard for HN and for a safe trip home. God really answered all the prayers! Thanks to all who prayed and continue to pray.

I enjoyed my last days in La Guacamaya and sharing some good times with my family and friends there. It was honestly the perfect place to be in this time of chaos. They were extremely reliant on God. My Tia Berta especially brought peace in this troubled time through her faith in God. On the day that we were heading to the airport the roads were completely clear which was a miracle.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

In the airport, right before we said our goodbyes

  Please keep Honduras in your prayers as the problems are calming down but the effects are lingering and many people are suffering. 

Right now it is still up in the air whether I will return to HN this year. I ask your prayers for God’s wisdom and guidance. I’m so thankful for the time spent in Honduras!

I thank God for all of you, my friends and family!



Open Your Eyes; There’s so Much to See

Happy winter to all of you! Don’t worry I’m not gonna brag that it is hot down here, because it really isn’t that hot. For my fam down here it is literally freezing, although I can’t say the same.

So let’s take a little stroll to the past. Not to far back, but it already feels like it’s been a while since I was in the mountain (La Montana de La Flor). In my last blog I mentioned that I was heading to the capital of HN (Honduras), Tegucigalpa. I have to say that each place in HN has its own feeling and no place is the same as the other. Tegucigalpa is huge and the houses are all really close to each other. When I got to Tegucigalpa at around one in the morning I was exhausted and loaded, I mean loaded with stuff. Ok let me list what I brought with me.

• first of all my clothes which was a lot because they said it would be cold

• A sewing machine

• Lots of fabrics

• Clothes for people in the mountain

Yeah😱 we were loaded. But it was a blessing to be able to bring all those things to bless people. I stayed a day in Tegucigalpa and traveled for four hours to get to a place called Matapalos. This is where the local missionaries that I mentioned before live. Both Orfa and Herminio. At the time Herminio wasn’t there since he was working in the US to bring in some money.

Being with Orfa was such a blessing. She made me feel at home and that probably has to do with the fact that her and my mom are best friends. I got to know my mom a little more through Orfa which was pretty cool.

She let me set up my sewing machine right away. I was ready to get working. I started taking some measurements of several people. Something to note is that at Orfa’s house is usually surrounded by kids. Probably has to do with the fact that she can make a pretty delicious cake. Well I took a measurement of a girl named Blanquita. Let me just tell you. She was a handful but real cute. She said she wanted me to make her a dress. I was like… I got this. I was like so I’ll make a shirt and a skirt and unite them, just like Iris showed me to do. Yeah I made a shirt and a skirt all right. But if you ask me if it was a pretty sight when she put it on, that would be a no. I literally couldn’t stop laughing at how bad it looked😂. I made the poor girl a skirt instead. As my dad says… you gotta embrace failure and he’s right because my we fail so many times and have to remember that it isn’t the end of the world. Haha.The dress that made me laugh

So that happened and well during all this I got to go more up into the mountain to where Orfa’s son and daughter and law live. They have a church up in La Ceiba, La Montana de La Flor. Mauricio and Nicole live there with three precious young ones. What these two do is amazing to me because I could see that they left their lives in Tegucigalpa to bring the gospel to people that need it. When I went there five years ago the Chief Chabello was married with three woman. But he is a Christian now, and has seen, through Mauricio’s preaching that having more than one wife is wrong. For them it’s normal. But he abandoned the tradition and now has one wife. Mauricio leading worship

I went up there the first day and Mauricio and Nicole were excited because they found people from the US that would help them financially and manually in building a church. Right now they either have the church services outside their house or at others peoples houses. They have been doing this for five years. I admire their commitment and there love for the people there. Plus they don’t have it easy with three little ones.

I was talking one day with Nicole and mentioned that I had brought a sewing machine and lots of fabrics and her response made it so worth it. She said that having a machine would be so useful there. Many women don’t have the kind of money to be buying clothes and that a machine would be very helpful. I was like… coming right up.

Me, Orfa, and Blanquita

The next time I returned up to La Ceiba a few days later I took a bag of fabrics and the sewing machine in my lap on a motorcycle. It wasn’t the most comfortable ride ever haha. A woman, Nina, was excited because I told her I would make her a skirt. I was all nervous that it wouldn’t fit her and all that when I was making it. I was just about to finish it and the needle broke! I was like “NO”! Of course, I didn’t have an extra needle… I had left it in Lempira. I had to finish it by hand, and what made it rewarding was when she tried it on and it fit her perfectly. Thankfully!Nina and her skirt

Something that should be known is that what was in almost in every conversation with another of Orfa’s sons, Daniel, was that I had to try a worm called Chiji. Everybody wanted me to try the famous worm.Chiji


I was like, I’m up for the challenge. Well when I was up in a place even farther than La Ceiba I tried it. Let’s just say it was interesting. For the Tolupan Indians it is normal to eat.

.Ernesto, Daniel, me and the horse 🙂

I went with Daniel and Ernesto on a horse to a place that is pretty far. I went on horse for some of the way, about an hour. When we got to a place called Monte Rey we left the horse there and continued on foot to Guaruma, about an hour from Monte Rey. Daniel and Ernesto travel every week to pastor this village that has about six houses total. We arrived to this small kitchen where there were few people. After some coffee and conversing Daniel stood up and started the service. It was a surprise but they don’t have a church building there either. I couldn’t help but have admiration for the love that these guys have for spreading the gospel. Yeah, a lot of us call ourselves Christians, but how many of us would be willing to do what they do? They are living the life that Jesus lived, not always being sure where they will lay their head, because they are willing to bring God’s word to the nations. Soon after I went to stay some more time with Orfa. She is also very active in Matapalos. She has church services every Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun, for kids. She desires to have more older people come but the kids are the ones that come. She gets excited when she sees kids that show that they love God. Several kids have gotten baptized there. The kids are blessed to have people that care for their salvation.

A Boy from Orfa’s church being baptized

My time a flew by when I was up there in the mountains. It was a blessing and knowing what this family goes through makes one want to help and be involved. That family is so mission focused its amazing! They are a great example of a Godly family.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience in the mountains because I was certainly blessed there.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Embrace Life… with all that it brings

Dear family and friends,

I have to apologize for not being consistent with my blogs. It has mostly due to technical difficulties. Many times that I talk with my parents they tell me about all the prayers and all the thoughts that are headed towards me. It brings me encouragement that people are thinking about me. So thank you for that!

As I mentioned in my previous blog I am no longer in “La Guacamaya”. I have to say that I love that place and especially the people that I got to know there. It was hard to leave there but I knew that it was time to leave.

Before I say anything else I wanted to say THANK YOU TONS!!!! My sewing machines and all the fabrics came in a box. I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive all those items. I have been able to practice and have already made skirts for some girls that are neighbors. There will be lots more to come!

Me and my Tia Yesenia on our way to San Pedro

My Tia Yesenia got very sick and it was a scary time for the whole family. My Tia Berta and Yeni even came over to take care of my Tia Yesi after her much needed surgery. When I found out that Tia Berta and Yeni were coming over I couldn’t hold my excitement in! They stayed for almost a month while my Tia Yesenia was sick. Both of them don’t even realize what a blessing they were while they were here.

Right before my birthday both of them had to go back to the Guacamaya. My birthday which is the 7th of October was definitely a bday to remember. And now I can say that I turned my 2nd decade in Honduras!!! My family was outside my door ready to congratulate me at 4:30 and I came out to warm hugs and loud music. It was definitely special to be with my Tia Yesenia for my bday because usually we are thousands of miles away from each other. My cousin Josue also was turning 20 years old.

Me and Josue on our 20th year

Actually he turned them the 24th of September but since my aunt was sick in that time we didn’t do anything for him. So they celebrated our birthday together. My uncle made sure that our faces… not our mouths were full of cake haha!

Around this time I was supposed to be going to Tegucigalpa but there was no way gonna leave when my Tia was so sick. There was also beans that needed to be collected and brought to the house. Almost all of us went and spent two days ripping the plants out of the ground and bringing heavy.. I mean heavy sacks of beans across the property and then down the mountain. It was rough but it had to get done. We spent days taking the beans out to the sun so that they would dry up. It became part of the routine and since here it is famous for raining we would run out around 2 in the afternoon to bring in the beans in again. Fun stuff😒😀

This past month has been pretty busy for because I have been helping my aunt with all the things that need to get done around the house. My mom was telling me that now I am able to help my Tia, it’s like I’m able to repay her because when I was little she took such good care of me.

Just a week ago something unimaginable happened. Maybe some of you heard about it. A boy who is a neighbor to my Tia Yesenia drank poison. It all happened so fast and nobody was expecting it. Thankfully because God was protecting his life he is fine now… but we didn’t think that he would live. We all knew that it would take a miracle to heal the boy. My uncle was going to leave that day in the morning to a place about an hour away. Here there were no other cars and we live an hour away from a good hospital. When the boy drank poison my cousins gave him milk and alcohol. Everybody was terrified that he would die. My uncle and I went out to go somewhere when my aunt called us. Thankfully we were close and were able to get back to the house quickly. The closest open hospital that could do anything was like and hour and a half away. On the way my uncle had to be pounding him on the chest because he would stop breathing. It was so scary. I felt so bad for his mom. She was crying and calling his name. Thankfully when we got to the hospital the doctors were able to cleanse his body. He is out now and well, thank God. What can I say… God is so good!!! Please keep praying for him that he will continue to be well.

Today what do you know? I’m traveling to Tegucigalpa. Trust me there is much that is waiting for me there. Please pray that God will use me in my time there. Pray also that I will remember all that I learned from my cousin Iris haha. Because thanks to many friends I have much to keep me busy, with the sewing machines and lots and lots of fabrics.

I’ll let you know about my coming adventures next time!!!

Enjoy the leaves for me up there:)

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Closing One Chapter… For Now

Hi Everyone!

Dear family and friends,

I’m here again letting you all know that I haven’t forgotten about you and that you all are with me on this trip. I think I mention this in every blog post but I am so grateful for how much support everyone has given me! All your prayers are working. Alright, so now I’ll share what has happened the last few weeks.

No day here is the same as the other. Everyday brings its own adventure. One of the many things that I have learned in the time spent in Guacamaya is not to be sure of anything. For example I wrote in my last blog that I would be attending a wedding but for health reasons that did not end up happening. I was disappointed but sometimes life is like that unexpected. I have been learning to be more patient and flexible

which doesn’t come easy:)

Thanks to my cousin Iris I have learned a lot a lot about sewing. I can now make a dress, a blouse, and a skirt. I’m in the process of learning to make shorts. There has been much trial and error! But it has helped me learn.Here I am with Iris wearing a dress I made

A shirt I made for Yeni

About a week ago, the 24th, I was able to participate in a “fundraiser” . There was a woman who was really sick with cancer. She was suffering so much and was about to die. A group of young people from Iris church gathered to basically go to every house and ask for money to buy her morphine. When we counted the money it was 5000 limpiras (Honduran currency about 200 dollars). It was double what the morphin cost. It was heartbreaking when two days later we heard that she had died. It was a hard time and it is still sad. Please pray for her family. She has five kids that are hurting and are still healing from the pain of the loss of their mom.The day we collected money

To say that I have grown attached to my Tia Berta and Yeni would be an understatement. My cousin Yeni is so much fun and is constantly making me laugh. My Tia Berta has been so good to me. She has taught me so much through her wisdom. She has reminded me of the importance of prayer and I have been praying more because of her example. The thing about her is so much more than just talk. She lives out her faith in full.

Recently I went with her, Yeni, and my young cousin Angel walking to various places. When we stopped at a woman’s home to visit her the floods seemed to pour out of the sky. We laughed as we made our way home through the water on a dirt road. We got pretty wet.:) But it was an adventure and I enjoyed laughing with Tia Berta.I have pretty much made it a tradition to make lemonade. Here is Yeni collecting limes

I can’t believe that I’m leaving in a week from here. I have grown accustomed being here and gotten attached with people here, but soon I will be heading back to my Tia Yesenia. She’s coming for me this Sunday. Next time I write will not be in Guacamaya!:( Its sad because I love it here but it’s fine because new things await me and plus… I’ll be back!

Why not put a picture of an adorable baby

See you in Lempira everyone!!!

Beautiful Honduras

Hello everybody!

It has been about two weeks since Yesi and my Papi left. It was hard to say bye to them. It was a blast having them here with me! I miss them, my mami and Ian right now, but hey this is what I signed up for! No worries though I’m not complaining because I have so much family here!

I don’t always have internet available so it it is hard to update you all on what is going on with me in Honduras often, but I’ll try my best to keep you all posted.

At this moment I am here in the Guacamaya where I am literally surrounded with family. As I mentioned earlier I am staying with my Tia Verta (aunt Verta) learning to sew from my cousin Iris. I feel like I’m learning from the best or better said trying to learn! She just finished a big project of a wedding dress, the dresses for the bride maids, and many other details for the wedding. The wedding is the 19 of August. I get to go to a wedding where I barely know the bride!

I am in the process of finishing a skirt which was meant for my Tia Verta and will end up being for my cousin Yeni. I am so blessed to be in the company of this part of my family! Without going into too much detail they have been through so much pain and have had to endure many struggles but most of them have been so faithful to God. My Tia Verta and her husband Tio Herman hold services on Fridays right outside their home. Few people attend but the love for God is never lacking in my aunt and uncle. They are an example for me and everybody who crosses paths with them. My Tia is always thinking about the lost souls and visiting sick people around and my Tia Verta

The heat here is nothing like the cool weather in Lempira, where I was staying previously but it isn’t as unbearable as I imagined! My little cousin who is 5 years old keeps me busy and my cousin Yeni makes me laugh and often keeps me company. My Tia Verta has so much wisdom to give and I often talk to her about life. It feels so refreshing to talk to her!

I miss you all and thank you for being interested in what I am doing! Take care and enjoy the end of your summers!


Living the Life

Hola todos (hello all)!

It feels like it was so long ago since I wrote my last blog. Yet it hasn´t even been two weeks yet. So much has happened since I have gotten to Honduras. Yesi and my dad are here with me which I´m so grateful for. They are leaving the 27th of this month which is less than two weeks away. I don´t  know how I´m going to able say bye to them.

Yesi, my dad and me arrived early in the morning of July 7th where we were recieved with open arms and some teary eyes. It was amazing to see cousins and my aunt and uncle who I hadn´t seen since about five years ago.

g 139.JPG
Enjoying the cold water with my cousins

We spent a few days with them in Lempira. One of our days there was spent working both our muscles and our skin cells. My Aunt Yesenia has a big property where she is planting corn, beans, and coffee. My Aunt had about 3000 coffee plants that needed to be taken up the side of the steep mountain. Me and my cousin Alondra together took up around 13 plants of coffee at a time. The mountain just seemed to go on forever. By the end me and my cousin were taking up around 4 at a time with extended breaks.

g 151
my Tia´s Yesenia´s farm field

We didn´t bring up all the coffee. In fact it took a whole week with many workers to take all those plants up. But me, Yesi, and my dad left with my Aunt to go visit some other places that I plan to stay at for long periods of time.


We arrived at Guacamaya, where much of my mom´s family lives, last Thursday. Everybdoy was so happy to have us and it felt so nice staying at my aunts place. This is the place where I will hopefully learn to make dresses. We got to go around and see most of my great aunts. Everybody says that I look like Chabellita which means Isabel. Every Friday my aunt Verta and Uncle Herman hold a service outside their home under a tin roof. My dad was asked to preach and that night it would rain off and on. While he was preaching the rain would fall very hard at certain points. My dad did not have any microphone, but he just kept preaching.g 152.JPG

me with my Tia Yesenia

We were blessed by all the love that was in my Aunt Verta´s home. I´m exited that I will be able to come back there. Yesterday we arrived in Tegucicalpa where I am meeting with Orfa who is a national missionary. Her husband Herminio is in America right now. We will be leaving Tecucigalpa tomorrow and will return to visit some friends of my dad and go stay the remaining of my dad and Yesi´s visit at my Aunt Yesenia.

g 161.JPG
enjoying some good food with some amazing people

   Thank you all for praying and supporting me. I miss you all and I hope that this summer is enjoyable and full of adventures for everybody!


Honduras, Here I Come!

It’s so close, but yet sometimes it does not completely settle in that I will be going to Honduras for ten months! In two days (Thursday the 6th) I will be heading down to Honduras. This is a new period in my life. I have mixed emotions about what is to come, but there is much to be excited about! This is a time that I have been looking forward to. But it also means me leaving my home and all that I love. I have been blessed with the best parents in the world who are not only letting me go, but have been behind what I’m about to do and have supported me from all angles. They have supported me by raising support from all who have been generous. They have helped me emotionally and they have helped me spiritually as well. I know I don’t deserve parents like my own but I am so grateful for them!

Being away from home is not something that comes easy for me, but I know that this new step in my life is only going to help me grow and will help me to grow up, because much of me wants to stay a little girl and play tag and laugh with my friends, and although I completely plan on continuing to do those things, I also know that God has more in store for me.

If you know me well you know that Honduras has always held a very special place in my heart and has always made me want to go back there. For those who don’t know, my mom was born in Honduras and my mom and dad have brought me there several times and for the times that I remember going I have always loved it. If you went there you’d see why.

So for me the idea of going back compelled me and about a year ago I was talking to my mom about the future and the idea of staying in Honduras for a year came up. I was thrilled about going to a place that I think of as home. As my senior year has gone on ideas kept coming up, especially from my mom, of what I should do there. And those ideas have become concrete, at least I’m hoping that they will be. The first thing I knew was going to happen was I was going to see a ton of my family. I have more family there than I have here. Most of them I don’t know and hopefully that will change with my time spent over there. The place where I will call home will be with my Tia Yesenia (my aunt). She is my mom’s sister and they could pretty much be twins. She lives in the department of Lempira.

Another place where I have more family is La Guacamaya, the town where my mom was born and where most of my mom’s extended family is. Here I will have the privilege to learn more about sewing from my cousin Iris. She is a pro and I could only hope to be a quarter as good as she is. The plan is I will make dresses as well as aprons for girls or women who lack resources. I’m hoping that this will be an opportunity to open up conversations so that I will be able to give them some joy and share the gospel with them. Please keep this in your prayers; that I will be able to reach people and that those that I am able to share with will be ready to receive and they will be impacted from God through me.

In mountains near Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, I will partner with some national missionaries, Pastor Herminio and Orfa who are to me the definition of what a missionary is. They are on fire for God and will not let any obstacle get in the way of them sharing the love of Jesus. They are people who have been so friendly and hospitable to my family. They have a ministry where they are reaching Tulupan Indians. The Indians speak a dialect that not many people know. Therefore they do not have their own Bible. Imagine not having access to our Bibles because of a language barrier! What Herminio and Orfa are doing is trying to break through that language barrier and are living near the Tulupan Indians to bring the gospel to them. Talk about true commitment. I’m hoping that all that love that they have for people will rub off on me!

Although I have concerns and fears about going to Honduras there is so much to look forward to and be excited about. I want to thank all of you who have been overwhelmingly supportive of me and this trip! It has blown me away and I want to show my gratitude by bringing you all along with me on this crazy journey.



My Trip